Below is our own Tour70 videos. We have luxury cars available on rent. We have BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover Range Rover, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, Convertile cars, Honda, Skoda, Thar etc.

Mercedes-Benz GLC on rent. Book your wedding car now.

Land Rover Range Rover on rent. Tour70 can provide you Luxury car Land Rover Range Rover on rent for wedding, corporate, official use, events, personal use.

We provide Toyota Fortuner for rent. We have new shape Toyota Fortuner and old shape too. You can rent Fortuner for Corporate use, as wedding car, for events and for personal use. This video is taken from our own tour70 youtube channel.

Luxury car rental Audi A3 on rent for wedding, Corporate, Events, Celebrity, personal use etc. Feel free too book luxury car on rent from This video is from tour70 own youtube channel.

New BMW 3 series available on rent. We can provide you a new Luxury car BMW 320d. You can hire BMW 320d for wedding, BMW 320d for corporate use, BMW 320d events celebrity, BMW 320d for personal use photo shoot, Movies, Songs etc.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about luxury car|cab|taxi rental

Q: Is luxury cars available on rent ?

A: Yes, Luxury cars avalable on rent .

Q: Do you provide wedding car rental ?

A: Yes, we provide cars or cabs for wedding or marriage events. We have all range of car for bride and groom wedding in your budget.

Q: Do you Provide BMW on rent?

A: Yes, we have different models of BMW available on rent. You can hire BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, BMW 7 series, BMW X1, BMW X3 and BMW X6 from

Q: Can I rent luxury car for my wedding ?
A: Yes, You can rent luxury cars for your wedding as per your requirement. You can hire any luxury car from our fleet of luxury cars.